VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

Juhi is a Popular Channel [V] India VJ.

VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

VJ Juhi - Mistaken Identity

  • I go by: Juhi.

  • Years since I bawled out of my mom: 25.

  • I've pulled the stars to form: Capricorn.

  • First words outta my mouth: Tractor.

  • Worst nickname: Mowgli.

  • Last place on earth you'd find me: Kitchen.

  • Breed of dog I am: A cocker spaniel.

  • Last time I felt 4 years old: Each time I sit on a swing.

  • And you thought I was perfect: Class 12, I went up on the stage to pick
    up an award, fell flat on my face in front of a couple of hundred

  • My life as a movie: Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion.

  • 5 actors I would kill to go out with: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Downey
    Jr., Brad Pitt (but only from Legends of the Fall), Edward Nortan and
    Ashton Kutcher.

  • Superhero I am: SupahGurl!

  • Moonlighting: SupahGurl

  • Dressed as a man I would hit on: Sandra Bullock.

  • Tuned in: Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty, Wish you were here, Incubus.

  • If I had to kill someone I would: Make it slow and painful.

  • Soul food: The Wallflowers. And any of Dhruv's music.

  • Soul poop: Negative attitude.

  • I've crapped on: Never played a practical joke on anyone! My life's a
    total "blah"!

  • The crows sh** on me: When someone told me I'd flunked my boards when I
    had actually done fairly well.

  • Hammocks R Us: Goa. gOa. goA. GOA. goa. ummm... did I mention Goa?

  • If I had to sweat I would: Sunbathe.

  • With: A beached whale... I dunno... with a book, I guess. (remember the
    blah part?)

  • The one thing I'd run out with if my house was on fire: Photographs. I'm
    very trigger-happy and I cherish all the pictures I have of my friends
    and family and it'd kill me if I lost even one.

  • Maximum drool factor: Pepperoni pizza.

  • I swear by: The color white, silver rings, slave bracelet, GMS, tattoos,
    Osho chappals, Dhruv's wisdom, Soma's attitude, El's cool head,
    photographs, sun sand & sea, swatch, sunscreen, gol gappas, chai, Coca
    Cola, MSN messenger, the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, chance,
    happenstance & coincidences. That's all, folks!

  • I'd pee in my pants if: I ever had to walk in the tunnel bridge in Goa
    all alone at night. I'd have an instant cardiac arrest.

  • I wanna be immortal for: I don't want to be immortal. No fun that way.

  • My best friend calls me: Juzy ganoozy no time for poozy, attitude very

  • I would sell my soul: Naah, I'm bordering megalomania, I'd never sell my

  • I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole: Any cult or fanatic organisation.

  • My mantra you might wanna chant: If you don't know where you're going,
    you'll never get lost.